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ThinkFeelDo is a web-based treatment for depression designed to extend treatment to those who may be unable to access traditional psychological interventions.

The ThinkFeelDo web application is based on the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy and is accessible via desktop and laptop computers as well as mobile devices. ThinkFeelDo provides information via interactive skill building exercises, text and video, and supports communication with a human coach via secure messaging. Coaches use an online dashboard to see a user’s activity on the site, allowing for targeted positive reinforcement, assistance and support.

Through our clinical trials, ThinkFeelDo has been tailored to meet the needs of diverse populations across the age spectrum, including adolescents, adults and older adults. Variations of ThinkFeelDo have also included social network platforms for users to engage in with one another to added social support. ThinkFeelDo has been shown to be effective for depression in general populations, as well as for youth and older adults.

The PI is David C. Mohr, PhD.

Project Names


  • R01 MH095753 (TeleHealth Study; PI Mohr)
  • P20 MH090318 (MoodTech and Project Tech Studies; PI Mohr)

Evaluation Groups

  • Adults (18+) with depression
  • Older adults (65+) with depression
  • Adolescents (14-18) with depressive symptoms


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