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IntelliCare for College Students

IntelliCare for College Students is an app-based program to help university students prioritize self-care and connect them with appropriate mental health and wellness resources. This program was developed as part of a collaboration between Northwestern University, the University of Illinois at Chicago and Northern Illinois University.  It built upon the IntelliCare platform of apps and was developed in conjunction with stakeholders from the university student communities of interest. Once developed, this program was tested in a single-arm pilot study and is currently being rolled out more broadly on both campuses. The impact of the program on student mental health and college counseling center utilization will be examined. 

The PI is Emily Lattie, PhD.

Project Name

  • Expanding College Student Mental Health with Stress Management Mobile Technologies


  • K08MH112878 


  • Lattie, E.G., Cohen, K. A., Winquist, N., & Mohr, D.C. (2020). Examining an app-based mental health self-care program, IntelliCare for College Students: A single-arm pilot study. JMIR Mental Health, 7, e21075.
  • Cohen, K.A., Graham, A.K. & Lattie, E.G. (2020). Aligning students and counseling centers on student mental health needs and treatment resources. Journal of American College Health. DOI: 10.1080/07448481.2020.1762611
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