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Technology-Enabled Services to Support Older Adults with Depression


Researchers at Northwestern University, Northwestern Medicine and the University of California, Irvine are conducting a research study to understand how Amazon Alexa can be used to help older adults improve their mood and feel better.

Expected Commitment

In this study, participants will use Amazon Alexa to test a new voice-assisted service for mood management. The participant and their supporter person will use this service to help with goal setting, reminders, and various other services. Participants will be asked to complete surveys and assessments over a 12-week period about their experiences during their study.


Participants will be compensated for each survey they complete and can receive up to $155 for their participation. Amazon Alexa will be provided to participants who do not already own one and participants can keep the Alexa after the study.


We’re looking for older adults who:

  • Are 65 years or older
  • Speak English
  • Have felt down, hopeless or depressed within the past year
  • Receive emotional, physical, or task-related support from a friend, family member or paid caregiver
  • Are willing to invite their friend, family member or paid caregiver to participate as well.

We’re also looking for adults who:

  • Are at least 18 years old
  • Speak English
  • Provide or arrange care for an adult age 65 or older who has felt down, hopeless or depressed within the past year
  • Are willing to invite their older adult to participate as well

How do I join?

Contact Olga Barnas at this phone number 1-855-682-2487 or this email address


For any immediate questions or concerns, please contact the study team:

Investigators: Allison Carroll, PhD, David Mohr, PhD, and Sara Bradley, MD

IRB Study #: STU00211894

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