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FoodSteps Trial

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You can also learn more about FoodSteps on our study website


What is FoodSteps?

FoodSteps is a 16-week, evidence-based program to reduce binge eating and empower healthier eating behaviors with support from a personal health coach. 


  • interested in reducing binge eating and losing weight
  • experience binge eating and have obesity
  • willing to use a mobile app with coaching
  • have a smartphone, email address and access to a scale
  • English speaking, non-pregnant adult (18+years) living in the US

What happens when I join

You will receive:

  • free access to the app website
  • 16 weeks of support from your personal health coach
  • a new electronic scale (yours to keep)

You will be asked to:

  • complete 3 interviews and surveys and earn up to $100
  • weigh yourself weekly
  • use this app and chat with your coach as much as you like


Join Us

Fill out our screener today to find out if you're eligible for FoodSteps!

If you have questions, please reach out to our research team at or 312-503-1849.

Study Name: A Micro-Randomized Trial to Optimize Just-in-Time Adaptive Intervention for Binge Eating & Weight-related Behaviors
IRB #: STU00216998
PI: Andrea Graham, PhD

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