We’ve developed PRIM, a multi-purpose study enrollment management tool that provides an out-of-the-box toolkit to promote, recruit, screen, and randomize participants into your online trial.

PRIM stands for: Patient Reporting & Information Management. PRIM seeks to provide a standardized toolkit for creating a branded website, screening questionnaire, and consent form in the context of eHeath & mHealth behavioral intervention research trials. PRIM can also help with participant enrollment and data management for your research study.  It is important to note that this is separate from the equally significant goal of providing a toolkit to facilitate in-trial interactions between ACTIVE study participants and trial staff or “PROPER”.

At its core, PRIM is a white-labeled, intervention participant registration system. Several aspects of PRIM include:

  • An appealing home page, meant to grab interest of potential participants.
  • Content detailing the intent and purpose of an intervention.
  • Content detailing the eligibility of the intervention.
  • Content detailing the funding for the intervention.
  • Contact information for the administrators of the intervention.
  • Resource information for the intervention.
  • A method for participant registration.
  • A method for administrators to personalize the content and facade of the intervention site.

The PRIM system currently exists as a RoR application, designed to act as a hub for a variety of intervention sites. As participant registration occurs, the participant data is persisted into a central, secure repository. The justification for a central data repository is that there is a need to track participants across multiple interventions, aiding in decisions to allow or deny participant access. Although the participant registration is the central focus of PRIM, administration ease is an essential complement.

An administrator must be able to easily update intervention registration content and be able to change the look and feel. The initial implementation allows for real time updating of the content for administrators and content managers. Eventually, a system like Rails Admin will be used to manage participant registration data and to choose the facade or template of the intervention site.

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