IntelliCare is a suite of thirteen smartphone apps targeting issues that are common in depression and anxiety. Rather using a single intervention tool to target a disorder, which can be time consuming for the user, we have used a platform approach, in which a variety of apps, each targeting a singular behavioral strategy. This is particularly important for mobile apps, which typically have one objective, and are quick and easy to use.  IntelliCare apps are designed to fit into the fabric of users’ lives. They are simple and quick to use, most requiring less than 30 seconds for each use. The user can select those apps that are most useful, and ignore those that do not meet their needs. The apps are available on Google Play and iTunes.

The IntelliCare Hub app, if installed on the phone, orchestrates the user’s experience by making weekly recommendations for new apps to try. However, while the recommendation is to look at the app, the user encouraged to those that are helpful, and is free to ignore those that are not.

IntelliCare can be used alone or in conjunction with human coaching. Coaches are provided with online dashboard that provides visibility into the user’s activity on IntelliCare apps, tracks symptom severity, and manages text messaging communications.

CBITs is currently developing a recommendation engine that harnesses app use data to be able to tailor new app recommendations to the needs and preferences of the user.