IntelliCare is a suite of thirteen smartphone apps targeting issues that are common in depression and anxiety, such as irregular sleep, social isolation, and negative thought patterns. Each app in the suite is designed to address different issues through principles of cognitive behavioral therapy, behavioral activation, mindfulness, and/or positive psychology. By engaging with IntelliCare for a few minutes each day, users learn self-management skills by didactic presentations, interactive exercises, and personalized feedback.

IntelliCare was developed to be elemental, skills-based, and eclectic, and is consistent with a frequent, dynamic style of real-world interactions.

IntelliCare can be used alone or in conjunction with human coaching. Coaches use an online dashboard to see a user’s activity with IntelliCare, allowing for targeted positive reinforcement, assistance, and support. Additionally, our clinical trials unit is currently testing and evaluating an IntelliCare recommender system. This recommender system uses machine learning to suggest IntelliCare apps that could be helpful for a specific user.