We turn your ideas into fundable grants – then build the technologies to help your research succeed.

1. Initial Development

Come to us with an intervention technology idea and we’ll conduct a quick but thorough session to see what you and your research are all about. We work collaboratively with you to evaluate the best solutions for your ideas.

Guided Questions

  • How many people do you need to serve? 
  • Who is your target participant? 
  • What is the funding mechanism?

2. Grant Submission

You’ve spent some time going over your research and you want to get your idea ready for review. Now you need to understand how to shape this technology into a grant submission.

We’ll help you to refine your aims and describe your intervention in terms that reviewers can understand. We’ll prepare initial screenshots and mockups to articulate your vision. We’ll also provide you with a scope of work, letter of support, and appendices to get the process moving.

Guided Questions

  • How can I get an estimate and a budget for developing a behavioral intervention technology?
  • How do I get mockups for my grant?
  • Where do I find security information about gathering study data?

3. You’re Funded!

Once you’re funded we’ll set up a review of your project to set up a timeline and development trajectory that meet your research aims.  You’ll be paired with a Project Manager and a Technologist who will be your liaisons throughout the project. We’ll help you develop your Initial Design Document that structures each of the tasks and final expectations for the intervention.

Guided Questions

  • How do we get started with a funded grant?
  • What if I didn’t work with CBITs to submit the grant and planned on a different service?
  • What happens if the funding agency reduced my budget?

Still have questions about how we can help you develop a successful grant proposal? Contact us to schedule a meeting and we’d love to share more details with you.