Technologies, such as Internet websites and mobile apps, are increasingly being used to improve mental health and treatment practices. Design of such resources typically occurs top-down, with experts specifying features consistent with traditional models of treatment. These resources have paid less attention to what users want, or how tools can meet the needs of patients’ lives and clinicians’ workflow. mConnect is a technology-based treatment support system designed specifically for use during cognitive-behavioral therapy of depression. mConnect was informed by User-Centered Design (UCD) practices which focuses on collaboration between designers and stakeholders to inform the technologies during the formative process. mConnect is intended to help patients take cognitive-behavioral therapy skills and concepts from the therapy room and into their daily lives and to help clinicians better understand how patient’s make use of information and skills to better inform the treatment process.


Stephen Schueller, PhD


K08 MH102336

Target population

Adults with Depression (18+)


Recruitment underway, results pending